IP from a commercial perspective

Recognising and protecting the value of your Intellectual Property (IP) creates market opportunities.  At BOSH IP we see a business from a different angle to the business owner; we see it from the IP angle.  We understand how IP drives your commercial advantage and we position our clients to succeed.

BOSH IP was founded by former principals of an Australian IP firm.  We advise on all aspects of IP including patents, designs and know-how and we have recognised technical expertise in the areas of engineering, electrical and ICT.



“The starting point for any IP engagement is understanding a client’s business.”

Adrian Sneary

“Rolling my sleeves up and becoming well versed in different technologies is the key to getting the best results.”

Byron Bowman

“You need to make a decision: innovate or follow. If you choose to innovate, IP is essential.”

Nadia Odorico

“Providing advice through the lens of your business interests is what drives me”

Nick Hunter

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