Happy World IP Day!

In case we needed an excuse, World IP Day gives us a chance to remind all our clients and friends of the importance of IP to your business.  Take an action today to ask yourself whether you have identified your IP assets and are protecting and managing them in a way that drives value into your business.  If you are unsure, let us know, we can help.

This year’s theme is IP in Sports and looks at how patents, trade marks, designs, copyright support the global sports ecosystem.

The scale of sports as a global business is incredible with around 2% of global GDP generated by the sports sector.  All participants in the sector are becoming acutely aware of the value of their IP: whether it is the English Premier League selling its domestic and international TV rights for a whopping £2.8 Bn per season, Nike holding ground as one of the most valuable brands in the world with a brand value of around USD 30 Bn or the constant improvements in technology and design in sports equipment to support continued improvements in performance.



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