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Developing relationships with my clients and gaining an intimate knowledge of their technologies is what drives me to be a patent attorney.  Understanding the intricacies of a client’s technology and then thinking laterally on how best to protect it, or defend it, is my passion, and where I bring value to a client.

Fostering purposeful and effective client relationships enables me to not only to respond to a client’s needs, but to also anticipate situations where I can use my skills and experience.  One of the main reasons for being a co-founder of BOSH IP is that it will enable me to become even more engaged and invested in my clients.  

Bringing value to a client involves me using the IP system to advance the client’s commercial interests.  Commercial interests can be wide and varied, including interests aligned with manufacturing and selling a product covered by IP, selling or licensing the IP itself, preventing a competitor from encroaching into a client’s market, or simply enabling a client to use the words “patented” or “registered” to assist in marketing.

Whatever the commercial interest, I take care in listening to a client, ascertaining their requirements, and providing advice that takes into account their priorities, preferences and experiences. One of my aims is to work “on the same wavelength” as my clients and continually expand my knowledge about a client’s technology. I work hard to make things as easy as possible for my clients, without compromising the benefits available under the IP system.     

I have extensive experience in handling patent applications and registered designs and have been regarded as the “go to person” for registered designs for a number of years.  In addition to protecting my client’s inventions and designs, I have successfully handled hearings at the Patent Office and Design Office, and have revoked granted patents and registered designs of my clients’ competitors.  

After being at a large Australian patent and trade mark attorney firm for the last 20+ years, including 6 years as a principal, I decided to become a co-founder of BOSH IP in November 2018.  Together, we bring together extensive expertise from different fields of technology and in-house experiences.

Byron’s qualifications and affiliations:

  • Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, with practicing certificates in Australian and New Zealand
  • Fellow of The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA)
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons) and a Bachelor of Laws from Monash University.

Examples of my technical expertise includes:

  • Packaging and materials handling, having been responsible for the patent and design portfolio of Australia’s largest packaging company for more than 13 years;
  • Clean coal technology, and greenhouse gas capture and storage;
  • Medical devices, having extensive experience in negative pressure wound treatment;
  • Minerals processing, including hydrometallurgy, leaching, ion exchange, water treatment, and associated equipment items;
  • Drilling operations and hardware;   
  • Mining equipment, including buckets, consumables and other ground engaging components
  • Liquefied natural gas production and storage;
  • Petrochemical technologies, ranging from subsea technology, tree structures, workover operations, ROVs, to downstream operations, including refining, storage and transportation; and
  • Energy storage and generation.