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+61 3 9005 5720

Having worked with large corporations to individuals over almost 20 years as a patent and trade mark attorney, I understand that IP is used for different purposes in different organisations. The underling principal, however, is that the IP serves the commercial objective of the project or organisation. I enjoy talking to clients about what they are trying to achieve and how they are going about it because having that discussion is important for determining the context in which the IP sits and, therefore, important for determining the strategy for managing the IP.

My understanding of how IP fits into a business plan comes largely from working closely with an in-house attorney team at a global mining company for 14 years. Over that time, I’ve seen general economic conditions, government policy and supplier relations change the business imperatives around the approach to IP in the company. That experience has given me an insight into the value of IP and into IP management that I bring to my dealings with all clients.

From that work, I gained expertise in drafting patent applications in the mechanical, industrial processing and metallurgical fields and expertise in prosecuting patent applications in a wide variety of jurisdictions around the world, particularly in China, Japan, India, Europe and the United States. I capitalise on that experience when advising clients on international IP protection.

Looking at issues from different perspectives so I reach a view on the risks and advantages of various approaches and then providing advice through the lens of your business interests is what drives me. But it is just as important to provide considered and pragmatic advice to clients in a form that is distilled down to the critical information – clear, concise and practical – and that is the approach that I take.

Nick’s qualifications and affiliations:

  • Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, with practicing certificates in Australian and New Zealand
  • Fellow of The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Monash University
  • Bachelor of Laws from Monash University

Expertise includes:

  • Metallurgy, including pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy
  • Mineral processing and recovery, including heap leaching, HPAL and flotation
  • Wear resistant materials, including iron and titanium alloys
  • Mining techniques
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • Medical devices
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Building products and construction techniques
  • Consumer products